Aisha Akbar : Tarot card reader, palmist

Expert and friendly, she has done 1000's of readings & has more than 50 years experience. From £35 a reading. By appointment.

"I have been a tarot card reader and palmist for the last 30 years or so.  I enjoy helping people and through the years have had the satisfaction of helping many of them sort out their lives.   The fact that many of my clients return to consult me year after year should speak for itself. 

Through the years, many of my clients have become my friends.  They have trusted me to tell them the truth, even when it wasn't what they wanted to hear and I have never let them down.   I believe that it is important to know one's own character - the good points and the bad. 

Often by recognising one's good points, and working on them, one can achieve goals one never dreamt it was possible to reach.  By curbing one's bad points, many pitfalls and danger can be avoided.  

I do not take lightly my responsibility as a psychic reader.  I know I am only as good as my guides.  They have never let me down, maybe because they see in me, my great desire to help my fellow man."

Aisha Akbar

A session usually lasts about an hour and typically costs £35. You can pay by Paypal, Cash or Cheque. Please contact me by phone to set your appointment. To contact me please call 020 8892 0260

I am at: Victoria Road, Twickenham, Middx, TW1 3HW

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